Trade fair stoked by boom in construction industry
BYGGERI’18 looked into the future

The upturn in the construction industry throughout the Nordic region was reflected in four busy days at BYGGERI’18 from March 13th -16th. The exhibitors were able to present a record number of new sustainable products and in particular highlighted the fair's ability to attract the right visitors, while the visitors focused on building strong networks and gaining useful knowledge about the products of the future.

For four days from Tuesday March 13th over 26,000 professionals from the entire construction industry gathered at Scandinavia's most important construction trade fair, BYGGERI’18 in MESSE C, Fredericia. This year the exhibition had more than 300 manufacturers and suppliers exhibiting.

On the opening day, the mayor of Fredericia, Jacob Bjerregaard, and Carsten With Thygesen, chairman of the Market Development Fund and Vice-president of Realdania, were able to present Danish Building Industry Climate-, Energy- and Environment Awards, and the Special Work Environment Award to Kronospan, WOOD STEP, Komproment and H+H Danmark, respectively.

The honorary awards have been established by the Association of Danish Building Centres to focus on and promote the development of construction products with better energy and environmental properties. A theme that was also consistent among the many exhibitors at this year's fair.

"A construction boom and a growing demand as well as more demands on the construction industry have accelerated the development of green innovative products that can make Danish construction more efficient and sustainable. We have noticed this at a successful BYGGERI’18, where the visitors have had a look into the future of construction. Among other things, we would like to thank the many committed exhibitors who this year have made an extraordinary effort with the most attractive and inspiring stands I have yet experienced at a construction trade fair", said Palle Thomsen, CEO of the Association Danish Building Centres, which arranged BYGGERI’18.

Great enthusiasm among exhibitors and visitors

It is not just the organiser behind BYGGERI’18 that is enthusiastic about the construction trade fair in MESSE C. Among the many exhibitors, there is considerable satisfaction with the fair's ability to attract the right visitors.
"The BYGGERI trade fair is the industry's rallying point and we have always been part of it. We participate as a Danish manufacturer and come in direct dialogue with the right professionals such as builders, dealers and planners. This year we launched several products and solutions at the exhibition and have received a good response from the many visitors who made their way past our working stand. We will therefore be coming again in 2020", says Anders Bertelsen Toft, director of the construction materials manufacturer Alfix.
There was also a lot of praise for BYGGERI’18 and the exhibitors from the many visitors to the fair. Including from Lennart Sørensen from Svendborg, who works in a building centre.
"The exhibition has given both our many customers and us a lot of inspiration, knowledge and great networking opportunities. It helps you be fully prepared for what is coming in the industry and broadens your horizons in relation to new products and solutions that we can take home and use in our daily work. So the fair is a really positive experience", said Lennart Sørensen.

The organisers behind BYGGERI’18, the Association of Danish Building Centres, will in the spring conduct a number of satisfaction surveys among the visitors, exhibitors and members of the association in order to get an impression of the industry's satisfaction with the exhibition.

Danish Building Industry
Climate Award
Kronospan ApS

The award went to Kronospan ApS for their Novopan climate flooring, which is a new 25 mm grooved subflooring sheet with milled grooves for 20 mm heating pipes for water based floor heating. Novopan climate flooring is the only subflooring for underfloor heating in Scandinavia, which has achieved the Swan Mark primarily due to the raw materials used to make it being CO2 neutral and the company's focus on a circular economy in the production. At least 70% of the raw materials for the production of the sheets are recycled wood waste. The remaining 30% of the raw materials come from sustainable FSC and PEFC certified wood from Danish forests.

Danish Building Industry
Energy Award

The award went to WOOD STEP A/S for their stair solutions POLAR-STEP and POLAR TOPKARM, which reduce problems with cold bridges and draughts. Top insulated loft stairs with an 87 mm front, as well as a top hatch also with an 87 mm front, which have achieved a tested u-value of only 0.37. The construction meets the increased density requirements of BR2020. 100% PEFC Certified.

Danish Building Industry
Environment Award

The award went to Komproment for having launched an environmental strategy, they have developed facade products based on separation and recycling, and they work with proven sustainability through Cradle-to-Cradle certifications. Prerequisites for CtC certification are that the products are designed for separation and that no harmful substances are included in the products. Five products are certified at silver level. The facades come with a "black box" with material information, so that the materials can be recycled in the right way and included in the circular construction.

Danish Building Industry
Special Work Environment Award
H+H Danmark A/S

The prize went to H+H Denmark for their H+H ERGO assembly lift. In 2017, H+H ERGO won the Patent Nord Innovation Award for "innovatively combining increased competitiveness with an improved working environment" and for the importance of the lift to the working environment. H+H thinks safety and the working environment all the way to the final stage of the value chain. There are three patents on H+H ERGO. The most recent is a cross-line laser system, which further facilitates assembly work and which was presented at BYGGERI’18.

The nomination committee for Danish Building Industry Climate-, Energy- and Environment Awards

The nomination committee for Danish Building Industry Climate-, Energy- and Environment Awards was made up of representatives from all areas of the construction industry. The committee appointed the winners of the three Climate Awards and Danish Building Special Work Environment Award.
Danish Construction Association, Managing Director Lars Storr-Hansen
SMVdenmark – The Danish Federation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, CEO Ane Buch
Danish Association of Construction Clients (DACC), Director Henrik L. Bang
Danish Association of Architects, Acting Director Annette Blegvad
Danish Association of Architectural Firms, Director Lene Espersen
Konstruktørforeningen (KF) (The Danish Association of Architectural Technologists and Construction Managers), Head of Secretariat Kim Benzon Knudsen
FRI (The Danish Association of Consulting Engineers), Managing Director Henrik Garver
GI (The Landowners Investment Fund), Development Manager Søren Meyer
Danish Indoor Climate Labelling, Thomas Witterseh
PEFC, Secretary General Morten Thorøe
SBI (The Danish Building Research Institute), Director Thorkild Ærø
Federation of Danish Building Industries, Director Elly Kjems Hove
Danish Building Centres, Managing Director Palle Thomsen

About BYGGERI’18

BYGGERI’18 was held from March 13th-16th, 2018 at MESSE C in Fredericia and had free admission for professionals against registration.

The trade fair has over the years positioned itself as Scandinavia's main trade fair for construction products and in 2018 had over 300 exhibitors and 26,318 visitors.


Behind the BYGGERI trade fair is the Association of Danish Building Centres, which is the industry association for the country's leading building centres, timber merchants and DIY centres.

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