The Environment Award

The Environment Award is awarded to a solution/technology that has documented sustainable products or solutions that meet one or more of the following criteria:
- Products that can be reused or manufactured from reusable materials.
- Documented significant reductions in environmental impact when the product is manufactured, used and disposed of.
- Products that contribute to a better indoor climate.
- Products that contribute to a better working environment.

Companies that:
Have initiated an environmental strategy and/or a working environmental strategy.

Winner of The Environment Award 2018


Strategy: Cradle to Cradle

Komproment has initiated a strategy of developing facade elements based on Cradle to Cradle certifications and sustainability. The preconditions for CtC certifications are that the elements are developed with the possibility for separation as well as avoiding harmful substances in the products. The facade elements are delivered with a list of materials, a so called "black box", in order to recycle the materials correctly and thus be part of the circular thought of construction.

Winner of The Special Work Environment Award 2018

H+H Danmark A/S

Product: H+H ERGO installation lift

In 2017 H+H ERGO won the Patent Nord’s innovation award for "an innovative way to combine both increased competitiveness and at the same time improving the work environment" and for a significant positive influence on the work environment. H+H takes safety and concern about the work environment to the very end of the value chain. One of the patents of the H+H ERGO installation lift was presented at BYGGERI’18.

Previous winners:

2016 – iTOOLS I/S

2014 – Saint-Gobain Gyproc A/S

2012 – Alfix A/S

2010 – Troldtekt A/S