Here are the nominations for the Climate Awards

The climate and environment have never been higher on the agenda, and this is reflected in the amount of innovation and the number of nominees for the building trade awards, the Climate, Energy, Environment and Working Environment Award, which will be presented at the BYGGERI’20 trade fair in MESSE C, Fredericia, Denmark.

Ground protection mats made of 98% marine plastic, click roofs with integrated solar cells, sound dampening blades for cutting concrete, as well as 18 other building materials, solutions and strategies have been nominated by the Nomination Committee this year for the Climate, Energy, and Environment Awards and the newly instituted Working Environment Award.

The awards will be presented at BYGGERI’20, which is on from 10-13 March at MESSE C, Fredericia, Denmark.

"The field of nominees is stronger than ever, showing that sustainable construction and innovative building materials are becoming an increasingly important business area for the building industry. Danish companies are investing heavily in environmental and climate innovation, and they have never been better at incorporating the climate, energy, environment and working environment into their new products and solutions. I have no doubt that we will hear much more about the nominees in the coming years," says Palle Thomsen, Managing Director of the trade association Danish Building Centres, which organises BYGGERI’20.

"This year, the Climate Awards celebrate its 10th anniversary, and our ambition since 2010 has been to facilitate the green transition in Danish construction. The BYGGERI building trade fair should be the place where the entire industry is presented with the latest sustainable products and solutions for upcoming construction projects, and the Climate Awards are a tribute to the companies that are at the forefront of green innovation - to inspire and benefit the entire building industry," says Palle Thomsen.

A total of 19 companies with 21 different strategies, solutions and products have been nominated by the Nomination Committee, which consists of 16 representatives from all of Byggeriet’s parties.


The new award should promote the working environment
As a new initiative this year, BYGGERI has instituted a whole new award - The Working Environment Award. The award is given to a company that, through innovative product development, contributes to a documented better working environment at the building site.

"There is a need for us in the building industry to have even more focus on the physical working environment and start promoting the development of efficient products that can make it better and safer to go to work on building sites. For a good working environment not only benefits the health and safety of employees, but it can also be seen on the bottom line. That is why this year, we have instituted the Working Environment Award, which will both pay tribute to the innovative product development in the market and inspire the entire building industry to make an extra effort to develop new products to improve the working environment," says Palle Thomsen.

Instituting the new Working Environment Award has resulted in three new representatives on the Nomination Committee: Building Green Council, FSC and the BAT Cartel.

The Climate Awards have been instituted by Danish Building Centres to promote the development of building products with better energy and environmental properties for the benefit of the climate and the working environment and to focus on companies that have implemented a climate, energy or environmental strategy.