Results from IFO

IFO – Instituttet for Opinionsanalyse (Institute of Opinion Surveys) in 2018: The satisfaction level sets record!

Due to COVID-19, BYGGERI’20 and BYGGERI’22 was canceled and as a result it has not been possible to carry out surveys of satisfaction.

Following the BYGGERI’18 exhibition, March 13th to 16th 2018, IFO performed a survey of the satisfaction among exhibitors, members of the Danish Building Centres and visitors. From this survey it can be seen that everyone were extremely satisfied with the exhibition - a fact which is emphasized by the following results of the survey.


• 93% are very satisfied/satisfied with their visit to the exhibition

• 87% find that participation in the exhibition is a very important/important marketing profiling towards customers

Members of Danish Building Centres

• 93% are very satisfied/satisfied with BYGGERI´18 and their visit

• 90% of the members of Danish Building Centres are very satisfied/satisfied with the professional and informative level of the exhibitors.


Likewise, there is great satisfaction with BYGGERI´18 among the visiting professionals,

• 93% are satisfied with BYGGERI´18 and their visit – a record result!

• 87% of the visitors are satisfied/very satisfied with the exhibitors’ level of professionalism and informativeness.

• 75% are satisfied/very satisfied with the level of new products and inspiration at the exhibition

• 84% have already decided to visit the exhibition in 2020. Only 3% answer no to this question.