Warning to Exhibitors

Exhibitors are currently receiving letters from the company Fairs & BUSINESS. Danish Building Centres does not cooperate with this company and urges you not to respond to their request.

Exhibitors are currently receiving emails from EU Business Register. They follow the same procedure as the companies listed below.

Danish Building Centres urges all exhibitors NOT to enter into a written agreement with:

1) The Austrian company Construct Data Verlag AG (The Fair Guide), which operates the Internet portal www.fair-guide.com. See more here.

2) The Mexican company Commercial Online Manuals, as through the company Expo – Guide in Germany runs the website www.expo-guide.com

3) Event•Fair which operates the website www.eventandfair.org

4) International Fairs Directory

5) Fairs & BUSINESS in Madrid, Spain (www.fairs-business.com)

6) And other similar companies.

The companies Fairs & BUSINESS, Construct Data Verlag AG, Expo-Guide, Event • Fair and International Fairs Directory regularly send written offers of inclusion/advertising on their internet portals to the exhibitors, who have participated at BYGGERI (BUILDING) in Fredericia. These companies ask you to correct your information in order to continue to appear on their list of exhibitors. However it turns out that exhibitors, who have signed and returned the form, have been charged up to 25,000 DKK for three years appearance on these Internet portals.

The companies have got hold of the exhibitors’ names without our knowledge, let alone consent and Danish Building Centres would like to emphasize that we in no way cooperate with the companies in question and never supplied exhibitor names or lists to them.

Danish Building Centres strongly dissociate from the business practices of these companies.